1. Thumbelina travelles on a water-lilly leaf.

True humbleness always comes enveloped in a light-hearted joyful shape . It’s like saying: God, I am really really small and kind

of stupid, but as long as I sit in the palm of your hand, I guess everything is all right. You’re the Father, 🙂 )

It’s the second  thought that kills it, whether it comes one second after or the next day.

Whenever a thought makes you curl and twist within yourself, that’s vanity right there.  you should, you can’t, you should have, you could have, you you wish. That way, the great feeling you had before in the palm of His hand fades away and you slip once again all alone into the great wide world, feeling insecure and instable. And you are, that’s one thing sure as hell is  (for Dante’s followers at least) .

So, how can you stay humble while living in the world? I guess you should renew your vows to it very often and with regularity. Put it in everything you do, starting from the simple things. (and hopefully sticking to the simple things). You don’t own anything, you receive everything. You don’t eat, you are fed. You don’t look for answers you ask for them and patiently wait for them to come to you. You don’t know how to relate to people, you let His love travel through you. Every minute that passes you are putting yourself in His hands. You travel on a lilly-water leaf.