God made berries, and saw they were good. God made cherries, and plums, and all the other goodies. God made the jungle and the waterfalls. God made the ocean, the ladybugs, and the dandelions. God made the stars and the little kids staring at them from all over this beautiful place. And He said to them : There’s this place where you have to stay and grow and  learn things for a while,  just have a little patience and be kind to others ‘till I’ll come back and take you with me . It must be that at a certain point we were misled by something.  Call it the snake, call it the desire of power, call it the „corporatist language” , call it conspiration, call it distorted brains, call it „the world”.  Well, whatever that is, it is unreal, and therefore it has to stop.  We all have the stop button built-in.